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About Us

Together the owners, John and Natalie, run Hello Jane Farms. “A truly demanding venture, one where hard work is not only appreciated by our customers but also rewarded. Our success is a direct result of our loyal customers and quality products. We couldn’t be any more thrilled to be where we are today!”


At Hello Jane Farms, we are not growers. We are simple stewards of God’s creation. It is through Him that we are able to shepherd these plants and grow this produce. Our farm is firmly rooted in our faith and we believe the development of this farm will enable us to develop our community and those who live in it.


Along with managing Hello Jane Farms, Natalie is a professional photographer with a resume that stretches from Major League Baseball and the National Football League, to weddings and natural landscape photography. Natalie is the creative inspiration for Hello Jane Farms and is our prize designer and creative visionary.


John is the no-nonsense, head down, workhorse of the farm. When he’s not growing vegetables he is managing a hay baling company, playing with his dogs or sleeping! His life is about farming and it is what God put him on this earth to do. His motto lately is, “I’m either growing food or relationships—and I love doing both!”


Thank you for visiting; we hope to see you at our Farm Market or at our local farmers markets. God Bless!

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