My American Dream

Farming has been part of my family for several generations dating back to my great grandfather who was an immigrant  farmer from Germany. My strong family ties to farming eventually led me to quit my professional career to grow quality, local food for members of my community. My name is John Bailey, I was born and raised in the Harbor-Petoskey area and I will forever call it, Home. I have traveled all over the world and believe that my future is here, creating a lasting legacy through Hello Jane Farms. I believe in small communities. They are full of individuals with wide varieties of talents and skills that should be utilized and shared. I believe local businesses can help each other thrive and it is our duty to lift up and better our community. 

The story of how I became interested in farming is rather mundane, but incredibly significant as it started my journey toward farm ownership. One day while sitting at my desk I made the decision to grow a garden. Having very little knowledge of growing my own food, I turned to YouTube. After investigation I stumbled upon a market gardener's page who made a living selling vegetables at a very small scale and I was instantly hooked! What better way to make a living than by providing a healthy resource to your community that allows you to be outside and sink or swim based on the effort you put into your farm! 

Almost two years later, I have not only sold my home but moved to my farm property full time! Any given day I can be found somewhere on the farm building, fixing or installing new systems and infrastructure that will guide the rest of my life and produce quality food for my 'Up North' community! I am excited to offer Hello Jane Farms produce to any and all who are willing to support my dream of being a successful small business owner.

I look forward to the journey and the challenges ahead! See you in the field! 

Thank you for your support and God Bless!