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What is a Farm Share?

Farm shares are a freshly packed, weekly box of vegetables straight from Hello Jane Farms to your kitchen! We offer large and regular box shares that allow for flexibility depending on how many people you plan to feed each week! The Farm Share program lasts twenty weeks. These boxes are packaged and placed in a walk-in cooler and can be picked up at the farm at your convenience twenty-four hours a day!

Regular Season Farm Shares Begin

June 10th, 2021 and end October 28th, 2021

Farm Share Registration is Open!

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Produce grown at Hello Jane Farms includes, but is not limited to:


Slicing Tomatoes -Cherry Tomatoes -Broccoli -Kale -Summer Squash -Spinach -Beans -Snap Peas -Lettuce -Signature Salad Mix -Arugula -Cabbage -Cucumber -Melons -Radish -Cauliflower -Bell Pepper -

Assorted Microgreens -Chard -Patty Pan Squash -Romaine -Zucchini -

Pickling Cucumber -watermelon -Acorn Squash -Spaghetti Squash -

Fresh Honey

*Hello Jane Farms give veteran preference to all veterans and spouses of veterans. A 10% discount on all services and products of Hello Jane Farms will be given upon proof of veteran status!

Click PDF below to view Hello Jane Farms, LLC. Farm Share Agreement Terms and Conditions.

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