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Web Design is a Nightmare!

I am proud and happy to announce that today I finished my website for the winter season! Even using a website editor, the process was long and journey was not the most fun! At the end of the day, being a farmer means tackling new challenges and pushing through them yourself! I am very please with the first design and look forward to its development as time goes on!

Not only was I able to complete the website but, I got the largest hurdle tackled in the nursery, hanging plastic! Building a greenhouse within a greenhouse is one heck of a challenge! I was able to enlist the help of my farther for another set of arms and just like that, PRESTO, a nursery space. In the coming weeks I will be putting landscape fabric down, installing the new propane heater and building all of the nursery benches and tables!

In three short months we will begin growing in this brand new greenhouse! I can't wait!!!

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