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Winter Time=Computer Time

During the "slow" time of the year farmers find themselves (myself included) indoors focusing on those long overdue tasks like web updates and other neglected activities on the computer. During the growing season time is a more precious commodity than dollars! Proper use of time may determine whether or not your growing season is profitable and it is of the utmost importance to utilize every ounce of daylight properly to ensure crops are as healthy as possible!

Now, I find myself struggling to utilize this time properly. The transition from field to desk is an arduous task, but a necessary one! In the coming weeks I will be launching the Hello Jane Farms website and asking people to sign up for the 2020 growing season! I cannot wait to circulate healthy, local and clean food to the Alanson area and surrounding communities!

I have Spur and Jep (the token farm mascots) here to help ease my mind and without fail, drag me outside for a round of fetch and fresh air!

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