Late Summer Farm Share

Late Summer Farm Share


$275 Late Summer Share

Begins July 30 and ends October 28th.

Contains Produce Weekly

(5-8 items per box)


Product Policy


Farming is a seasonal and unpredictable undertaking. Natural disasters such as drought, windstorms, and disease may impact what products are available, how much of a particular product is available and the quality of the product.


I understand that these conditions could occur and affect the product that I receive or even result in an entire crop being destroyed. In the event that a certain product is unavailable, Hello Jane Farms will offer a ‘farm-credit’ in the amount of the lost product which can be redeemed at any time throughout the growing season. I understand I am committing myself to picking up my allotted share on a weekly basis. I understand if I do not pick up my share, it will be forfeited three days past the initial pick-up date.


I understand that this agreement with Hello Jane Farms will begin August 20th, 2020 and end October 22nd, 2020. I understand that my involvement in the Hello Jane Farms Farm Share program can be terminated by the Owner, John Bailey at any time if payment has not been met or the purchaser has violated the agreement in anyway.


I understand that if I choose to quit or if I am asked to leave the Farm Share, I will be offered farm credit or a refund for the remaining balance, which will be determined by Hello Jane Farms and the remaining time left in the Farm Share contract. If a refund is given, this refund will not be a whole refund and the deduction from the full amount will be proportional to the value I have received during my time with the Farm Share